What's next?

We are expecting Sidewalk Labs to present a draft Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP) in spring 2019, proposing an approach to the revitalization of Quayside. The MIDP is anticipated to be a vision document, concept plan, and business case—not a formal planning application.

Waterfront Toronto will review and evaluate the MIDP, which will include public and stakeholder input. Following this thorough review and evaluation, a report from staff about the MIDP will then be considered by our Board of Directors who will decide whether to pursue the MIDP or elements of the MIDP. The MIDP will require a decision from the Boards of Directors of both Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs in order to move towards next negotiations. If there is a decision to pursue elements of the MIDP proposal, existing plans, zoning and other regulations still remain in place on the Quayside site and in the broader waterfront.

Once a final proposal is submitted to the City of Toronto, the Waterfront Secretariat will work with other City staff to review the proposal. The City’s review process will include public consultation. Following this review process, City staff will report to City Council’s Executive Committee with an analysis of the MIDP and associated recommendations. Click here to learn more about the City’s role.

Should the decision be made to pursue some or all elements of the MIDP proposal, it will require extensive layers of approval through the City of Toronto as well as the other orders of government.