Participate in a public consultation

Thank you for your continued interest and participation in this process, whether in person or online. Public consultation has made a significant difference to this project and will continue to help inform our views and decisions in the coming months.

Public consultation has been incredibly important to informing Waterfront Toronto’s decision-making, and we remain committed to connecting with the public to share and inform our thinking. There are two important milestones being planned for the coming months:

Public Briefing — REGISTER NOW!

Waterfront Toronto is having a Public Briefing on Quayside to share an update on the October 31, 2019 project realignment with Sidewalk Labs, an explanation of how the threshold issues have been addressed, and the next steps as the realigned proposal moves forward to formal evaluation.

Details and registration are available on the public briefing Eventbrite page.

Round Two Public Consultation

Waterfront Toronto is also planning to launch Round Two Public Consultation about Quayside. Details will be provided on all Waterfront Toronto websites, distribution lists, and social media channels when confirmed.