Engaging with the community

How did we engage with the community pre-MIDP?

In November 2017 Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs began a public engagement process with a town hall meeting open to all members of the community. The town hall was designed to introduce the project and Sidewalk Labs, and to listen to the ideas, hopes and concerns expressed by the community. This initial feedback helped to identify important themes to be further explored through consultation.This public engagement continued throughout 2018 in a variety of formats, including large public Roundtables, design charrettes (“Design Jams”), a Residents Reference Panel and topic-specific advisory working groups.

All presentations, meeting materials and summary reports can be found in the document library.

Public Roundtable Meetings

Roundtable 4 – December 8, 2018





Summary Feedback Report

Roundtable 3 – August 14/15, 2018


Roundtable 2 – May 3, 2018


Roundtable 1 – March 20, 2018

Residents Reference Panel

A 36-member group of volunteer residents from across the city, randomly selected through a civic lottery, met over six Saturdays to receive presentations, examine the work in progress and provide feedback to Sidewalk Labs.

Advisory Working Groups

The Advisory Working Groups were established in March 2018 to be a source of external expertise to Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs across a number of topic areas: Sustainability, Public Realm, Mobility, Housing Affordability, Data Governance and Community Services. Members were selected by Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs as local leaders and experts on issues related to the Quayside project. The list was curated to ensure a range of diverse opinions that balanced institutional affiliations and perspectives on urban issues. Members were primarily from civil society and academia, with a few from the private sector. Following are the summary minutes from the meetings of these groups:

Design Jams

A trio of design charrettes brought together a multi-generational group of community members to work alongside subject matter experts and a combination of Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto project team members. These full-day sessions, much like design charrettes, explored early concepts for what Quayside could look like in the future.

Design Jams Summary Report

September 19, 2018: People on Wheels (cycling)


September 18, 2018: Water Connections


September 17, 2018: Vertical Living


Town Hall – November 1, 2017