What is the approach to data and privacy? Who will own the data?

We know these are important issues for the public and getting it right is a priority we share. Those issues include digital governance, data ownership, privacy, and the ethical use of technology.

Waterfront Toronto—and Quayside specifically—is approaching our intelligent community initiatives with an expectation of the protection of the fundamental right of privacy that is well beyond the strict letter of the law. This includes the following six commitments:

Adherence to the principles of Privacy by Design (in addition to compliance with all existing laws and regulations).

No preferential treatment to any Alphabet company, including Google, regarding linking to, sharing, or use of personal information

  • No use of data for advertising purposes*
  • De-identification of personal information at source*
  • Minimization of data collection to only what is necessary
  • Storage in Canada of data collected for the Quayside project

* except with knowledgeable and expressed consent