How will Waterfront Toronto evaluate the Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP)?

The framework for the evaluation will look at how the MIDP addresses three overall questions:

  1. How many of our goals and objectives does the MIDP meet, and how well does it meet those targets?
  2. Does the MIDP align with the planning framework for the waterfront?
  3. Is the proposed business plan viable and in the public interest?

Waterfront Toronto’s evaluation will include an integrated and collaborative due diligence and review process with external experts.

What happens after Waterfront Toronto receives the final Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP)?

When the final MIDP is submitted to Waterfront Toronto by Sidewalk Labs, the review and evaluation process will begin. The proposal must serve the public interest, fulfill project objectives, and meet the requirements we have determined from the outset of the project.

Following this thorough review and evaluation, a report from staff about the MIDP will then be considered by our Board of Directors who will decide whether to pursue the MIDP or elements of the MIDP.

If the MIDP advances, the City of Toronto will begin a review process that will also include their own separate stream of public consultation. Any implementation will require extensive layers of approval through the City of Toronto as well as the other orders of government.

What is the Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP)?

The MIDP is a vision document, concept plan, and business case—it is not a formal planning application. The MIDP, which is being conceived by Sidewalk Labs, is intended to establish a clear vision and approach for how a vibrant, climate-positive, and prosperous complete community for Quayside could be created.

Waterfront Toronto will receive a draft MIDP submission that will be shared publicly in order to solicit further feedback. This feedback will be provided to Sidewalk Labs for consideration in their final MIDP submission. The final MIDP is what we will be evaluating.

What is Quayside?

Quayside is a 12 acre (4.9 hectares) parcel of land in Toronto’s east-end. The Quayside development block begins at Bonnycastle Street in the west from Queens Quay East north to Lake Shore Boulevard; the eastern-most boundary is roughly the Victory Soya Mills Silos, spanning from Lake Shore Boulevard south to Lake Ontario and the Water’s Edge.

This land is considered a prime development site and is largely owned by Waterfront Toronto, with small portions owned by the City of Toronto and another small portion privately-held.

What is Waterfront Toronto?

Waterfront Toronto is a public agency created by the Government of Canada, Government of Ontario and the City of Toronto with a mandate to deliver a revitalized waterfront.

As a public advocate and steward, our primary objective for waterfront revitalization is to leverage infrastructure projects to deliver key social and economic benefits. To do this, Waterfront Toronto brings together the most innovative approaches to sustainable development, excellence in urban design, real estate development, and advanced technology infrastructure.

What is Waterfront Toronto’s role in the Quayside project?

Waterfront Toronto is the directing agency of all waterfront lands. This means that we determine the manner and extent of development in line with our overall waterfront vision and mandate.

Our objective for Quayside, which is in support of our mandate and vision, is to establish a model and new standard for 21st century city-building by delivering sustainable, inclusive, complete communities.

We see Quayside as having the potential to be a globally-significant community that pilots advanced technologies, building materials, sustainable practices and innovative business models, demonstrating pragmatic solutions toward climate positive urban development.