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The document library is where you can search for materials related to the planning of Quayside. This includes displays and presentations from public meetings. If you can’t find what you are looking for please email us at


  • [ARCHIVE] Framework Agreement (Superseded) 17/10/2017 View
  • [ARCHIVE] Innovation and Funding Partner Selection Press Release (October 17, 2017) 17/10/2017 View
  • [ARCHIVE] Sidewalk Labs Vision Response to RFP 27/10/2017 View
  • [ARCHIVE] Town Hall Feedback Report (November 1, 2017) 01/11/2017 View
  • [ARCHIVE] Framework Agreement Summary 01/11/2017 View
  • [ARCHIVE] MEMO Quayside Outreach and Market Sounding (December 7, 2017 REDACTED) 07/12/2017 View
  • [ARCHIVE] 2018 Public Engagement Plan (Sidewalk Toronto) 02/02/2018 View
  • [ARCHIVE] Residents Reference Panel Frequently Asked Questions 12/02/2018 View
  • [ARCHIVE] Residents Reference Panel Letter 12/02/2018 View
  • [ARCHIVE] West Don Lands Committee Summary Notes (February 26, 2018) 26/02/2018 View

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