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The document library is where you can search for materials related to the planning of Quayside. This includes displays and presentations from public meetings. If you can’t find what you are looking for please email us at


  • Quayside Public Briefing Summary (Nov. 19/19) 27/12/2019 View
  • Public Briefing Overview Presentation (Nov. 19/19) 19/11/2019 View
  • Quayside Public Briefing – Public Update Handout 19/11/2019 View
  • Open Letter on Threshold Issue Resolution from WT Board Chair – October 31, 2019 31/10/2019 View
  • Threshold Issues Resolution Documents 30/10/2019 View
  • Overview of Threshold Issue Resolution 29/10/2019 View
  • Quayside Public Consultation Discussion Guide 09/07/2019 View
  • Quayside Public Consultation Feedback Forms 09/07/2019 View
  • Quayside Public Consultation Display Boards 09/07/2019 View
  • Digital Neighbourhoods and Digital Literacy Feedback Form 22/05/2019 View

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