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Reflecting on Quayside

Over three years ago Waterfront Toronto set out to create an ambitious plan for a resilient next-generation community at Quayside. Since then, we have heard from thousands of members of the public who have shown their support for greater housing affordability, climate sustainability, transit connectivity, and economic opportunity. We remain committed to these goals and to building on the work and planning we have already advanced in the West Don LandsPort Lands, and East Bayfront.

Although Sidewalk Labs is no longer pursuing these goals with us on Quayside, the last few years have produced many positive tangible outputs, as well as useful ideas and insights through thoughtful public discussion.

The project team is currently reflecting on all that we have learned through our work and engagement on the project to date as we reconsider plans for Quayside.

All that we have heard from the public, subject matter experts, and stakeholders on this and other projects continues to inform our approach to creating a next-generation sustainable community at Quayside. It is clear that residents care deeply about building resilient communities that foster growth now and in the future. Thank you for contributing to this dialogue—your advice and feedback will continue to be put to good use. We look forward to talking with you again soon.