FAQ Category: Process and Evaluation

What lessons did Waterfront Toronto learn from working with Sidewalk Labs?

The last three years of the Quayside project has provided a great deal of insight into the possibilities that could be generated through innovative city-building. The lessons we learned, along with insight from the public, external experts, and our government partners will all be considered as we define next steps for the project.

When does Waterfront Toronto anticipate public consultations for Quayside will begin?

It is too early to commit to any specific dates for public consultations at this time. The project team is currently reflecting on all that we have learned through our work and engagement on the project to date as we reconsider next steps for Quayside.

Public consultation continues to be a foundational part of our revitalization work. Our team is currently examining new opportunities to meaningfully engage the public during the pandemic, in a manner that is consistent with the health and safety recommendations of our government partners.