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Waterfront Toronto, the public steward of Toronto’s waterfront revitalization, is working hard to create sustainable and resilient mixed-use spaces in downtown Toronto. Our mandate is to deliver a connected waterfront that belongs to everyone, serving as a leading example of innovation and excellence in urban design, a magnet for investment and job creation, and a source of pride and inspiration for Canadians.

The Quayside project is our most recent exploration of what an innovative community by the lake can be. A 4.9-hectare (12-acre) parcel of land at the confluence of emerging neighbourhoods in the West Don Lands, East Bayfront, and the Port Lands, Quayside has the potential to create precedent-setting standards for building affordable, sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous communities.

In March 2017, Waterfront Toronto launched an international Request for Proposals (RFP), seeking an Innovation and Funding Partner to help think through tough urban challenges and create a strong and compelling vision for Quayside. The RFP also identified an opportunity to propose ideas that could potentially be brought to scale in other areas of the waterfront. This process led us to the selection of Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet company that uses existing and emerging technology to address big urban challenges in cities.

Waterfront Toronto will receive a Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP) from Sidewalk Labs in spring of 2019, proposing an approach to the revitalization of Quayside, which will also bring forward certain proposals for consideration at scale. We will consider this proposed plan against the goals and objectives set out in our mandate and in the RFP, our evaluation criteria, and in consultation with government stakeholders and the public. Should the Waterfront Toronto Board of Directors decide to pursue some or all of the elements of the proposed MIDP, the next step would involve discussions with all three orders of government to determine their level of interest and support for implementation. Public engagement will be ongoing through Waterfront Toronto-led discussions as well as existing regulatory consultation requirements associated with government approvals.

We want to keep you apprised of how this project is proceeding. Come here to get frequently-updated, accessible, clear information about the Quayside development project as it unfolds.


RFP Objectives

Like many cities around the world, Toronto faces both opportunities and challenges associated with its population growth.

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Toronto Waterfront aerial shot

The Planning Context

Quayside is our most recent exploration of what an innovative community by the lake can be.

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The Evaluation Structure

Learn more about what the next steps are after the MIDP is made available.

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