About Waterfront Toronto

Waterfront Toronto is working to create a vibrant, connected waterfront that belongs to everyone. As city-builders, we care about creating neighbourhoods, parks, destinations, and infrastructure that make people’s lives better. From our perspective, Toronto’s waterfront is one of the most exciting city-building opportunities on earth: a place where promising ideas for a more affordable, livable, and sustainable city can be envisioned, refined, and showcased.

Waterfront Toronto was created in 2001 by the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario, and the City of Toronto to unlock the social, cultural and economic potential of the waterfront. All three levels of government made an initial investment of seed capital in the organization, and tasked it with leveraging that investment to catalyze a dynamic, creative economic landscape on the waterfront. In addition to attracting private investment and high-quality jobs, Waterfront Toronto was directed to promote the social and ecological health of the area, making it a landmark of sustainable, inclusive 21st century urbanism.

So far, we’ve led or catalyzed 2.5 million square feet of development along the waterfront, adding affordable housing, commercial space, aquatic habitat, critical infrastructure, and beloved public spaces. Our projects include the West Don Lands, East Bayfront, Corktown Common, Underpass Park, Sugar Beach, Sherbourne Common, Queens Quay, the Port Lands Flood Protection Project, Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, and The Bentway.